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You don't have to go by our word alone. Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Please let this letter serve as our strongest recommendation for Schrader Auction Company. By way of background, Wexford Capital is a $5+ billion investment management firm with both public and private investment vehicles. During early 2007, we began acquiring and directly operating over $100 million of farmland. When we made the decision to liquidate our holdings in 2012, we quickly realized that we knew a lot about buying but very little about the process of selling farmland. We interviewed or spoke with over ten different firms, which included the large national organizations as well as the best in class small shops that were local to our areas, in an attempt to "get smart." Through our experiences, we concluded that whenever possible an auction is the best route and there is no one better in the business than Schrader.

Having now watched other auctions, I can comfortably state that the quality of a Schrader run auction is second to none. It has the unique ability of getting the Seller the highest price for his property but also making the Buyers feel comfortable and confident.

I believe Schrader's professionalism and work ethic are unmatched in the industry and it manifested itself by making our life easier throughout the process. From start to finish, Schrader delivered or over achieved on every goal and promise they made. In the end, we walked away knowing we received the best possible outcome and had been represented with honesty and integrity in the local market.

John Pontius Vice President, Wexford Capital LP, Greenwich, CT

I Found Schrader Auction Company's advice to be timely, accurate, and ultimately very reliable. The company is an expert at analyzing real estate for potential sale, finding the niche where this property fits in and ultimately marketing the property to the buyers. Their professionalism in dealing with all levels of potential buyers is remarkable.

Sidney G. Christiansen, M.D. University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

From the moment we first met you, until the last detail was handled, you were 100% supportive, informative and thorough. You were never too busy to talk to us, you would always answer any and all of our questions, you kept us fully informed throughout the weeks leading up to the big day, and you covered all contingencies to ensure a successful, top notch auction.

Robert & Barbara Williamson Williamson Farms, Laguna Beach, California

This is the most advanced, professional marketing process that I have ever seen in any business. It was by far the best method, resulting in the highest dollar, by allowing bidders to openly compete throughout the course of the entire auction, whether they are bidding on an individual tract or a group of tracts.

Steve Rector Board Member, Dixon Lumber Company, Inc., Charleston, South Carolina

I don't think it could have been done more competently from the proper division of tracts in the beginning to the ending with the word 'Sold!'. Your preparation for the auction was superb, and the auction was run with the precision of a Swiss watch. We wish to especially thank you for the tremendous amount of work and effort you put in during the entire process. The job Rex did on the floor during the two different auction sessions was nothing short of masterful.

Harry W. Vasels Vice President, Projects Analysis and Development, Martin Oil Marketing, Ltd., Alsip, Illinois

When the Board of Directors of Dixon Lumber Company, Inc. decided to market its land holdings, the first approach utilized the traditional marketing method of investment bankers. When that did not develop any acceptable offers, the Board then decided to pursue the sale of land by the auction process. However, with the great variety of land to be sold, which included river frontage, mountain views, timber, recreational, commercial and residential, the selection of the best company for the job became crucial.

The auction process, which you utilize, maximizes the value for the seller while simultaneously allowing both the individual buyer and corporate investor to compete equally. It is a process which cannot really be described?one must see it in operation to appreciate its fairness. You achieved the goal with utmost professionalism, integrity, diplomacy, and class.

H. Frances Dixon Chairman of the Board, Dixon Lumber Company, Inc., Galax, Virginia

The real payoff was really today [auction day] with the amount of bidders that showed up - which was significantly more than we anticipated - and a 50% increase in value.

Paul Potter Detroit Edison, Detroit, Michigan

Not only did you keep everyone excited and entertained, but you also managed to build up a contagious enthusiasm and gauged the crowd's mood and managed the clock masterfully ... And at the end, the crowd cheered and applauded. All the while, you were working for our family's interests, just as agreed.

Bob Penick Bay Village, Ohio


Schrader has built a national reputation for success largely in part to the relationships we've built with other professional brokers and auctioneers. Their knowledge of their local market and reputations in their respective communities, coupled with our system have reaped great results in over 30 states. We are proud to call the following joint venture partners friends (listed in alphabetical order).



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