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Schrader takes top awards in national auction marketing competition

Schrader Real Estate and Auction Company won the two top awards in the annual National Auctioneers Association-USA Today Marketing Competition, the association announced Thursday.

Schrader received the Grand Champion award and the Auction Marketing Campaign Award for its auction of Anderson Circle Farm, a 5,529-acre estate in Harrodsburg, Ky., near Lexington.

Schrader also won three other categories in the competition, which is the most prestigious in the industry.

The Anderson Circle Farm campaign presented special challenges, according to R.D. Schrader, president of the company.

"This property consisted of a number of estates, so it was unique in a lot of respects. We had a number of large homes, some with historic value, as well as elaborate cattle facilities and more than 3,500 acres of very high quality tillable land," said Schrader. "We auctioned the property in 54 tracts and carried out an aggressive international campaign. We knew that we would need a substantial number of bidders to get all of the property sold."

Weston Sigler, director of marketing for Schrader, said the awards reflect an effort of the entire Schrader organization. "A successful auction like that of Anderson Circle Farm requires a high level of professionalism and performance by every part of the team, and it's great to see that effort recognized," he said.

The campaign attracted 147 bidders, who engaged in an intense three-hour competition that resulted in the sale to a single bidder for $25 million.

Other top awards going to Schrader included:
● Jerry Ehle, Brochures & Catalogs - General Household & Estates
● Rex Schrader, Brochures & Catalogs - Multi-Property Real Estate Auction
● R.D. Schrader, Brochures & Catalogs - Commercial/Industrial Real Estate

Schrader also took four second-place awards:
● Rex Schrader, Brochures & Catalogs - General Household & Estates
● Gary Boggs, Brochures & Catalogs - Commercial/Industrial: Machinery & Equipment;
● Kevin Wendt, Brochures & Catalogs - Farm: Machinery & Equipment
● Nick Cummings, Brochures & Catalogs - Farm and Ranch Real Estate

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