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24112 W M60, Mendon, Michigan 49072 - St. Joseph County, Michigan

Owner: TJC Farms LLC Mon, Dec 16, 2019


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• Tractors • Planting & Crop Care • Tillage • Harvest & Grain Equipment • Trucks & Trailers • Other Farm Related Items • Live Internet Bidding • Southern Michigan • 17 Miles North of Indiana State • AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Be on time! There are very few misc. items. Excellent Line of Equipment. Off Road Parking Available.


24112 W M60, Mendon, Michigan 49072 - East of Three Rivers 10 Miles on M60 OR West of Mendon 2 Miles on M60



  • 2014 JD 8370R MFWD, Ind. Link Susp. IVT Trans. 480/80R50 Duals Rear, 420/85R34 Duals Front, Green Star Ready, 5 Remote Plus power Beyond, 3pt. Pto. Buddy Seat, 20 Frt Wts. 2074 Hrs. S# IRW8370R4RVED094277
  • 2012 JD 8360RT 24 in. Tracks, Air Susp. IVT Trans, Green Star Ready, 5Remote, 3pt. Pto. 32 Frt. Suitcase Wts. 6 Frt. Wheel Wts. 1809 Hrs. S# IRW8360HCD907998
  • 2010 JD 8345RT 16 in. Tracks, Air Susp. IVT Trans. Green Star Ready 5 Remote Plus power Beyond, 3pt. Pto. 2494 Hrs. S# IRW8345RCBD902508
  • 2004 JD 8320T 18 in. Tracks, PS Trans. Green Star Ready, 5 Remote Plus Power Beyond, 3pt. pto. 5547 Hrs. S# RW8320T903506
  • 1970 JD 4020 Console Diesel, Syncro, 18.4R34, 540/1000, 2 Remote, 3pt. Coupler, Frt. wt. Bracket, Shows 2854 Hrs. S# T213R237043R
  • JD 4020 Gas, PS, WF, 18.4X34, 540/1000, 2 Remote
  • JD 3020 Gas, NF, 15.5X38, 540/1000, 3pt. 1 Remote, 5585 Hrs. S# 102485R
  • Ford 5000 Gas, Select-O-Speed, PS, 16.9x38 Spin-Out, 540pto, 3pt. 5014 Hrs.
  • 2001 Manitou MLT 730-120 LS Telehandler, 10 ft. Bucket, fork Att. 460/70R24IND, 2673Hrs. S# 167073
  • JCB 526 Telehandler, 4X4, 17.5X24 Tires, Mat. Bucket, Fork Att. Shows 2877 Hrs.
  • Ford 555D Loader Backhoe, 16.9x24, Reverser, ROPS, 7 ft. Mat. Bucket, 36 in. Hoe Bucket, S# 0642272

  • JD 1990 CCS Seed Metering Seeder, 40 ft. Bulk Seed Tank, Seed Fermers, Lights S# 01990S715148
  • JD 1720 Planter, 16X30, Stack Fold, MaxEmerge XP Finger Units, Green Star, Pneumatic Down Pressure, Double Disk Fert. Pop-Up, Teejet 2-2 In Furrow ATT. Yetter Trash Movers, S# AO1720R720146
  • JD 1720 Planter, 18X30, Stack Fold, Vac. Units, Pneumatic Down Pressure, Hyd. Drive, Green Star, Double Disk Fert. Sure Fire Pop-Up Suction Control, Teejet 2-2 In Furrow Att. Martin Seed Fermers, Insect Att. S# R1AO1720RPBM745280
  • Fast 3pt Sprayer 90 ft. Hyd. adj. nozzles on JD 8345RT
  • Fast SS 900 Gal Side Tank on JD 8345RT
  • Ace Rolo Mold 300 gal. poly tank on JD8345RT
  • SS 500 gal. tanks on JD8320T
  • Fast 450 gal Poly Tank on JD8320T
  • Orthman 1550NT Strip Till, 16x30, Pull Type, Valmar ST8 Dry Fert. 8 Ton On Tracks
  • JD 886 Row Cult, 16x30, Single Shank, w/Coulter, Gauge Wheels
  • JD Male Planter, 4 Row, 40 ft. Hyd. Fold Frame, 7000 Units, Gauge Wheels
  • JD Male Planter, 2 Row, 31 ft. Hyd. Fold Frame, 7000 Units, Gauge Wheels
  • 2- 1000 Gal. Poly Nurse Carts, 1-w/Transfer Pump
  • 2- Sets of Saddle Tanks Unv. Mount

  • LANDOLL 7431-33 VT Plus Vertical Till, 33 ft. Walking Beam, Rolling Basket, S# 74G1304858
  • SUNFLOWER AGCO 1435-33 Disk, 33 ft. C-Flex Cushion Gang, 9 in. Spacing, Scrapers, Rear Hitch, S# 1435AG8027
  • JD 2700 Ripper, Double Cushion Disk, 7 Ripper Shanks, Filler Disks, Leveling Hitch, Walking Beam, Rear Hitch, S# 2700X001870
  • UV 120 ZONE BUILDER Ripper, Cushion 7 Shank Straight Bar, Cushion Coulters, Gauge Wheels, Rear Hitch
  • Brillion XXL Series Packer, 36 ft. X Fold, Solid Wheels, Adj. Tongue
  • JD 200 Crumbler, 38 ft. Hyd. Triple Fold, Adj. Tongue
  • Gandy, Orbit Air Spreader, 40 ft. 3pt.
  • Brillion Packer, 18 ft. Solid Wheels
  • Brillion Packer, Rear Transport, 16 ft. Solid Wheels

  • 2009 JD 9870 STS Combine, Bullet Rotor, RWA, Green Star, 650/85R38 Duals, 28l-26 Rears, Contour Master, Chopper, Tank Ext. 2642 Eng. Hrs. 1995 Sep. Hrs. S# HO9870S730451
  • JD 640FD Draper Hydro Flex Head, 40 ft.
  • U-M AWS-42 Head Cart
  • Brent 1082 Grain Cart, 900/60-32 Tires, Roll Tarp, lights, S# B25-380-147
  • J&M 385 SD GW, Red, Auger Honda Eng. J&M 13 Ton Gear, 385/65R22.5 Tires, Adj. Tongue, Roll Tarp
  • J&M 385 SD GW, Green, Auger Honda Eng, J&M 13 Ton Gear, 385/65R22.5 Tires, Adj. Tongue, Roll Tarp

  • 2012 IH Pro Star + Semi. Truck, Maxx Force 475hp. Diesel, 10 Sp. Auto Trans. 295/75R22.5 Alum. Wheels, Air Ride, Wet Kit, 580778 Miles, Vin. 625773
  • 2011 IH Pro Star Semi Truck, Maxx Force 450hp. Diesel, 13Sp. 295/75R22.5 Alum. Wheels, Air Ride, Wet Kit, 282913 Miles, Vin 46837???
  • 2000 IH 9900 Eagle Pro Sleeper, Semi. Truck, 475Hp. T15 Cat, 13Sp. 285/75R24.5 Alum. Wheels, Air Ride, Wet Kit, 1.633M miles
  • 1997Volvo VNL 64T Semi, Truck, DD 430/470 Diesel, 10Sp. 11R24.5 Air Ride, Wet Kit
  • 1994 Ford LTL 9000 Areomax Semi. Truck, 475 Cat. Super 10, 11R22.5 Alum. Wheels Air Ride, Wet Kit, 518620 Miles
  • 2020 Wilson DWH 600 Pace Setter Hopper Bottom Trailer, Remote Electric Dump and Shur-Lok Tarp, 11R24.5 Alum Wheels, Air Ride, Front and Rear Ladders
  • 2003 Wilson DWH 500 Pace Setter Hopper Bottom Trailer, 41 ft. 11R24.5 Alum Wheels, Shur-Lok Roll Tarp, Front and rear Ladders
  • 2008 Western Trailer Commodity Express Belt Trailer, 43 ft. Tandem Axle, 285/75R24.5 Alum. Wheels, Air Ride
  • 2006 Trinity Trailer Eagle Belt Trailer, 42 ft. 11R24.5
  • Trail King Red River Belt Trailer, 11R22.5, Roll Tarp, Needs New Belt
  • 1991Fontaine Drop Deck Trailer, 48 ft., 1000 gal. Poly Tank, 1700 gal. Poly Tank, 1500 gal. Poly Tank, 60 gal. Inductor, Needs Floor Repair
  • 3- Storage Vans

  • Chandler Manure Spreader, 32 in. Chain, Twin Wheel, 19L-16.1 Tandem Axle, S# 21093
  • JD HX20 Rotary Cutter, 20 ft. Wing Fold, S# HX20F0015084
  • Gregory Mfg. Roanoke, Ditch Bank Mower, Pto
  • 2- Water Winch WW 45 Travelers, 1/4 Mile, Soft Hose, Nelson Gun
  • Heinzman 3340 Traveler, 1/4 Mile, Soft Hose, Nelson Gun
  • Misc. Travelers
  • 8- Pringle IRR. 125 ft. Spanns 4.5 Dia.
  • Running Gear, for 1000 Gal. Poly Tank



    TERMS & CONDITIONS: Cash or Check w/proper ID. 4% convenience fee for credit cards. Announcements made the day of the auction take precedence over any printed material. Not responsible for accidents.