Thanks for stopping by. We make a lot of friends in this business, coordinating some of the biggest events of our clients' respective lives. We like to get to know each seller as an individual, to understand their goals for their auction and their lives after. It helps us serve them better, by designing custom marketing campaigns to suit the people and the project.

When you conduct over 200 auctions a year, you learn to be flexible - to listen with care. We approach bidders that way, too, educating them on the auction process, our M3 system, and the property of interest. Our reputation after a sale is as important to us as the sale price; and all the awards in the world can't make up for a record of integrity.

Below is a list of some brief facts you may not have known about Schrader:

  • Established in 1944.
  • Located in Columbia City, IN, in a company-owned office facility, built in 1998 with 10,000 square feet of office space and heated garage/shop for auction equipment. An additional 8,750 square feet of space was added in 2023.
  • Salaried staff averages over 15 years experience, and the Schrader marketing team includes (4) graphic designers and a professional photographer.
  • Sales representatives (40) in seven states and has partnered with other real estate and auction companies across the United States.
  • Licensed in 28 states and have ability to secure proper licensing in any state.
  • Real estate auctions conducted in 40 states.
  • Over 400 years of combined experience.
  • Six staff members and sales managers with master's degrees - its president having a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics.
  • 200 to 250 auctions conducted annually.
  • Annual real estate auction sales volume has exceeded $250,000,000.
  • Annual acreage sold has exceeded 100,000 acres plus residential and commercial properties.
  • Traditional real estate sales and Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges are a sector of Schrader business.
  • Conducted the first online multi-tract auction on the internet simultaneously with the live auction on March 27, 2000.