Understanding the Schrader Auction Advantage Versus Traditional Listings

In many cases, the auction marketing method is becoming the preferred means of selling and buying real estate. It's no surprise with all of the advantages auctions have over traditional listings, such as:

  • Guaranteed sale date with shorter marketing period
  • Simultaneous competition among buyers, and ability to force buyers into action
  • Local, regional and national exposure, and custom marketing solutions
  • Direct mail campaign with nationally-known proprietary buyer and purchased mailing lists
  • Exclusive website information for each property
  • Timely press releases, telemarketing and public relations
  • Lender/broker luncheons and multiple interactive inspection dates
  • Contingency-free contracts and non-refundable deposits
  • Intense focus on the properties to be marketed
  • Day of sale competition and excitement generates a sense of urgency for the buyer

There is no one better in the business than Schrader. Having now watched other auctions, I can comfortably state that the quality of a Schrader run auction is second to none. It has the unique ability of getting the Seller the highest price for his property but also making the Buyers feel comfortable and confident. I believe Schrader's professionalism and work ethic are unmatched in the industry and it manifested itself by making our life easier throughout the process. From start to finish, Schrader delivered or over achieved on every goal and promise they made. In the end, we walked away knowing we received the best possible outcome and had been represented with honesty and integrity in the local market.

John Pontius Vice President, Wexford Capital LP, Greenwich, CT