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Auction of firearms for noted outdoorsman's estate draws over 1,000 bidders

For decades, Dwight "Boob" Goble was widely known as a legendary marksman, trapshooter and collector of fine firearms. So when Schrader Real Estate and Auction Company offered more than 375 firearms from the Goble estate's collection, the response was beyond enthusiastic.

"Mr. Goble, who died in January, was well known and loved among shooters, outdoorsmen and collectors throughout the area, and we had a huge inventory, including rare guns and vintage ammunition, with more than 1,000 bidders in all for each of the two days," said Schrader agent Phil Wolfe, who managed the event near Columbia City.

"We had 765 registered bidders online for the simulcast bidding, and the online bidders purchased 38 percent of the inventory. We had buyers in at least 25 different states, as well as one in Netherlands, who bought a Winchester 1890 12-gauge pump. Everything sold, and believe it or not, there is a lot more to come as we continue to take this collection to auction," said Wolfe.

One highlight didnít even involve the sale of a firearm, but rather a rare Daisy BB gun. "A double barrel Daisy with the original box went for $800, which is just remarkable. We also had a very rare 4-gauge shotgun, and others from L.C. Smith, Parker Brothers and others," said Wolfe.

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